Pharmaceutical chemistry Notes PDF Download​

Chapter 1​

Introduction to Pharmaceutical Chemistry,
Obiectives,Scope,Error,Types, Accuracy,Precision,Significant Figure,
Impurities in Pharmaceuticals, Limit Test,Importance,Factors,
Limit test for Arsenic, Limit test for Chloride, Limit test for Sulphates, 
Limit test for Iron, Limit test for Heavy Metals, etc

Chapter 2

Volumetric and Gravimetric Analysis,  Acid Base Titration,  Arrhenius theory, 
Bronsted Lowry theory,  Lewis theory, Neutralisation Curves ,  
Acid Base Indicators, etc, Non – Aqueous titration, Non-Aqueous Solvents,
Precipitation titration, Mohr s method,
Volhard s method, Modified volhard s method,
Farjan s method, Complexometric titration.Redox Titration,
Redox indicator, Gravimetric Analysis, Types of Gravimetric Analysis,

Chapter 3

Inorganic Pharmaceuticals
Anti-Microbial Agents, 
Dental Products,
Medicinal Gases

Chapter 4

Organic Chemistry
Classification of Organic Compound, Nomenclature of Organic Chemical System,
Trival or Common System, IUPAC System of Nomencluture

Chapter 5

Drugs Acting on Central Nervous System
Anaesthetics, Sedatives & Hypnotics,
Antipsychotics, Anticonvulsants, Antidepressants,
Classification with Examples.

Chapter 6

Drugs Acting on Autonomic Nervous System
Sympathomimetric Agents ( Adrenergic Agonists ),
Adrenergic Antagonists ( Sympatholytic Agents ),
Cholinergic Drugs and Related Agents ( Parasympathomimetric Agents ),
Cholinergic Blocking Agents ( Cholinergic Antagonists),
Classification With Example.

Chapter 7

Drugs Acting on Cardiovascular System
Anti-Arrhythmic Drugs, Anti-Hypertensive Agents, Anti-Anginal Agents,
Classification with Examples.

Chapter 8

Classification with Examples.

Chapter 9

Hypoglycemic Agents
Classification With Examples.

Chapter 1​0

Analgestics and Anti-Inflammatory Agents
Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Agents,
Classification with Examples.

Chapter 1​1

Anti-Infective Agents
Antifungal Agents, Urinary Tract Anti-Infective Agents,
Anti-Tubercular Agents, Antiviral Agents,
Antimalarials, Sulfonamides,
Classification with Examples.

Chapter 1​2

₿-Lactam Antibiotics, Aminoglycosides,
Tetracyclines, Macrolide, Miscellaneous,
Classification with Example.

Chapter 1​3

Anti- Neoplastic Agents
Classification With Examples.