D.Pharma 2nd Year

As Per New Syllabus [ ER20 ]

Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy
Chapter 3 :
Supply Chain and Inventory Control


Supply Chain and Inventory Control
Preparation of Drug lists – High Risk drugs, Emergency
drugs, Schedule H1 drugs, NDPS drugs, reserved antibiotics
Procedures of Drug Purchases – Drug selection, short
term, long term, and tender/e-tender process, quotations, etc.
Inventory control techniques: Economic Order Quantity,
Reorder Quantity Level, Inventory Turnover etc.

Inventory Management of Central Drug Store – Storage
conditions, Methods of storage, Distribution, Maintaining
Cold Chain, Devices used for cold storage (Refrigerator,
ILR, Walk-in-Cold rooms)
FEFO, FIFO methods
Expiry drug removal and handling, and disposal. Disposal
of Narcotics, cytotoxic drugs
Documentation – purchase and inventory

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