D.Pharma 1st Year

As Per New Syllabus [ ER20 ]

Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Chapter 1 :
Introduction to Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Introduction to Pharmaceutical Chemistry,
Types, Accuracy,Precision,
Significant Figure,
Impurities in Pharmaceuticals, 

Limit Test,Importance,Factors,
Limit test for Arsenic, 

Limit test for Chloride, 
Limit test for Sulphates, 
Limit test for Iron, 

Limit test for Heavy Metals, etc

Other Chapters Notes PDF

CH – 1Introduction to Pharmaceutical ChemistryOpen
CH – 2Volumetric and Gravimetric AnalysisOpen
CH – 3Inorganic PharmaceuticalsOpen
CH – 4Organic ChemistryOpen
CH – 5Drugs Acting on Central Nervous SystemOpen
CH – 6Drugs Acting on Autonomic Nervous SystemOpen
CH – 7Drugs Acting on Cardiovascular SystemOpen
CH – 8DiureticsOpen
CH – 9Hypoglycemic AgentsOpen
CH – 10Analgestic and Anti-Inflammatory AgentsOpen
CH – 11Anti-Infective AgentsOpen
CH – 12AntibioticsOpen
CH – 13Anti-Neoplastic AgentsOpen

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